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Ours is a family culture...

We have built and developed our family culture over 4 generations. We have learned that commitment and respect flow both ways, building trust between the Company and our people. This foundation, aligned with strong business principles, has been key to our success.

Some examples of our culture...

  • In 1970, we initiated one of the first occupational pension schemes for our tradesmen within our industry.
  • We have always encouraged the employment of family. Over the years, many families and many family generations have worked within the business and in some instances 3 generations of the same family at the same time!
  • We have seen apprentices learn their trade; successfully develop through the business and achieve company directorship. This has been a source of great pride within the Group.
  • Our Core Values have been adhered to through the difficult times as well as the good, even when it is at a cost to the business.
  • We are proud of our past and maintain this important link through our stories, traditions and the still sharp memory of the Chairman!
  • We reward success, loyalty, performance and leadership.
  • We were proud to receive the 2008 Lanarkshire Business Excellence Award for Best Performing Business.
  • We look after our family.